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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Eye Injuries From Household Cleaners Drop, But Kids Remain at Risk
Flu Cases Are Spiking Early, Suggesting Tough Season Ahead
Indoor Pollutants May Raise Allergy Risk in Toddlers
Patients, Not Hospitals, Most Important to Spinal Fusion Outcomes
Could Carb-Heavy Meals Keep You From Good Sleep?
New Study Shakes Up Thinking on Hormone Replacement Therapy
'Prehab' Before Surgery Helps Speed Seniors' Recovery
ER Visits for Attempted Suicide Greatly Raise Odds for Future Tragedy
AHA News: Lovely But Dangerous, Wood Fires Bring Health Risks
FDA Approves First Disposable Duodenoscope, Reducing Infection Risk
Health Highlights: Dec. 13, 2019
Health Tip: Remedies for Constipation
Health Tip: Waking Up Without Caffeine
As Cases of Vaping-Linked Illness Rise, CDC Points to Certain Brands as Culprits
A New Approach to Stop High-Risk Drunk Drivers
Differences Found in Brains of Kids Born to Depressed Parents
One Boy's Battle Back From Mysterious Polio-Like Illness
Radiation of Just Part of the Breast Can Stop Cancer's Return
Secondhand Smoke Starts Kids on Path to Heart Disease: Study
Special Handling Needed for Seniors in Cardiac ICU
Chyler Leigh of 'Supergirl' Battles Bipolar Disorder
Changing Timing, Frequency of Meals May Help With Diabetes
AHA News: Could Fish Oil Fight Inflammation?
Breast Cancer Drug Shows Long-Lasting Prevention Power
Sleepy Nurses Could Put Patients at Risk
Health Highlights: Dec. 12, 2019
Health Tip: Winter Hiking and Safety
Health Tip: Advice on Home Wound Care
More Americans Are Now Dying at Home
Two Drugs Make Inroads Against Aggressive Breast Cancers
Sleeping Too Long Might Raise Stroke Risk
What If 'Exercise Needed to Burn Off Calories' Was Included on Food Labeling?
Rural Seniors Hurt by Lack of Medical Specialists
Breastfeeding May Bring Added Bonus for Women With MS
Black Patients May Not Gain Heart Benefit From Low-Dose Aspirin
Tighter Alcohol Laws Might Help Curb Cancer
AHA News: Cold Heart Facts: Why You Need to Watch Out in Winter
For Some, Follicular Lymphoma May Be Curable
Over 40% of Antibiotics Could Be 'Inappropriately' Prescribed
Health Highlights: Dec. 11, 2019
Health Tip: Is Your Makeup Skin-Safe?
Health Tip: Understanding Muscle Spasms
Bullying's 'Vicious Circle' Harms Mental Health
Have a Purpose, Have a Healthier Life
'Diabetes Burnout' Is Real, Here's How to Cope
E. Coli Outbreak Spurs Packaged Salad Warning
Is Pot Use a Heart Risk After Surgery?
An 'Epidemic of Loneliness' in America? Maybe Not
'Smart' Contact Lenses Might Also Monitor Eye Health
Who's More Apt to Be a Narcissist -- the Young or the Old?
AHA News: Toy Building Boosts Woodworker's Stroke Recovery
Sometimes, Aspirin May Be Enough to Ease Migraines
Are Superbugs Making Themselves at Home in Your Makeup Bag?
Health Highlights: Dec. 10, 2019
Health Tip: Choosing a Pediatrician
Health Tip: Should I Get a Cholesterol Test?
Pot Is Bad News for Baby During Pregnancy
Dangers of 'Superbug' Germs Greater Than Believed
Could Obesity Alter a Child's Brain Structure?
Many Kids Traveling Overseas Aren't Vaccinated Against Measles
What Is Your Cat Trying to Tell You? 'Cat Whisperers' Know
Additives to E-Cigarettes May Be Upping Health Dangers
As Diabetes Costs Soar, Many Turn to Black Market for Help
One-Third of Lung Cancer Patients Battle Depression: Study
AHA News: Public Enemy's Keith Shocklee Turns Heart Attack Into Call to Action
Is Timing Everything for SIDS Risk?
Playing Sports Might Sharpen Your Hearing
Is Childbirth More Dangerous in Rural Areas?
Health Highlights: Dec. 9, 2019
Health Tip: Heart Attack Symptoms in Women
Health Tip: The Importance of Hydration
How to Avoid Stained Teeth When You Enjoy Red Wine
Good Workouts Might Extend a Woman's Life
CBD Medicine May Help Ease Another Form of Seizure
Healthy Lifestyle, Regular Screening May Keep Cancer at Bay
FDA Testing Levels of Carcinogen in Diabetes Drug Metformin
FDA Approves First Generic Forms of MS Drug Gilenya
Domestic Abuse Can Leave Legacy of Poor Health
AHA News: Here's How Black Barbershops Could Save Lives and Millions in Health Costs
Virtual Doc Visits Suffice for Many With Neurological Disorders
Houseflies: Just How Bad Are They for Your Health?
Cleaner Air Quickly Brings Big Health Benefits, Study Finds
BPA Levels in Humans Are Underestimated: Study
Health Highlights: Dec. 6, 2019
Health Tip: Heart-Smart Approaches to Relationship Stress
Health Tip: Managing ADHD in Adults
More Than 1 in 4 High School Students Now Vape: CDC
More Teen Time on Social Media, More Eating Disorders?
3 Drugs for Severe Epileptic Seizures Are Equally Effective: Study
Vaping May Have Triggered Lung Illness Typically Only Seen in Metalworkers
Distracted by Their Smartphones, Pedestrians Are Landing in the ER
'Mobile Stroke Units' Help Rush Treatment to Patients
AHA News: NFL Coaches' Drive for Success Can Be Hard on Their Hearts
Mom-to-Be's Diabetes May Up Odds of Heart Disease in Her Kids
How Well Are You Aging? A Blood Test Might Tell
Study Casts Doubt on Use of Common Heart Failure Drugs
Weight-Loss Surgery a Boon for the Heart
All 50 States Now Reporting Cases of Severe Vaping-Linked Lung Injury
Health Highlights: Dec. 5, 2019
Health Tip: Reducing Soreness in Muscles
Health Tip: Stroke Warning Signs
More Than 100 E. Coli Illnesses Now Linked to Romaine Lettuce
Antarctic Study Shows Isolation, Monotony May Change the Human Brain
Run Smart This Winter -- Here's How
A Birth Control Pill You Take Just Once a Month?
Low-Dose Aspirin Might Cut Cancer Risk, Especially for Overweight People
Ski Your Way to a Healthier Aging Brain
Study Links Hair Straighteners, Dyes to Breast Cancer
Another Downside to Vaping: Higher Odds for Depression
Many Moms-to-Be Turn to Their Moms First for Medical Advice
Caring for Family Matters Most to People Around the Globe
AHA News: He Got a New Heart, Then Cancer, Then Another Heart
Birth Control Pill May Alter Part of Women's Brains
Many Young Adults Misusing Medical Marijuana, Study Suggests
Especially in the Young, Cholesterol Is No Friend to the Heart
Health Highlights: Dec. 4, 2019
Health Tip: Using American Ginseng
Health Tip: 4-7-8 Breath Relaxation Exercise
Babies May 'See' Light While in the Womb
HIV Testing, Treatment Not Reaching Many Americans
Uncontrolled Asthma a Danger to Pregnant Women, Babies
Are E-Scooters a Quick Ticket to the ER?
Taking Several Prescription Drugs May Trigger Serious Side Effects
Marijuana Could Offer Relief From Migraine Pain
AHA News: Vegan Diet May Decrease Heart Disease, Stroke Risk in African Americans
Can You Find Love in Long-Term Care? Just Ask Gloria and Al
Some Cities' Smog Can Ruin Your Vacation
Health Highlights: Dec. 3, 2019
Health Tip: Keeping Your Retainer Clean
Health Tip: Common Causes of Knee Pain
Could MS Have Links to the Herpes Virus?
Prediabetes Now Common Among Teens, Young Adults
Parkinson's Treatment Has Unexpected Side Effect
1 in 18 U.S. Teens Carries a Gun to School: Study
Another Possible Effect of Climate Change: More Preemie Babies
Could a Concussion Raise a Teen Athlete's Suicide Risk?
AHA News: Could Mammograms Screen for Heart Disease?
Cards, Board Games Could Be a Win for Aging Brains
Obesity Might Weaken Some Drugs' Effectiveness Against AFib
Cleaner Teeth, Healthier Heart?
Heart Attack at 44 Helped Her Realize Diabetes' Dangers
Health Highlights: Dec. 2, 2019
Health Tip: Understanding the Menopausal Transition
Health Tip: Home Remedies for Nightmares
Dreams Are Training Ground for Fearful Real-Life Situations
How to Prevent Holiday Headaches