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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Unfiltered Cigarettes Are Most Deadly
How Does Room Temperature Affect Test Scores?
Rising Rx Drug Costs Continue to Create Tough Choices for Seniors
Blood Banks Could Help Screen for Hereditary High Cholesterol
Aggressive Approach to Pancreatic Cysts May Prevent Dreaded Cancer
AHA News: Need a Break? A Vacation Really Can Be Good for You -- If It's Done Right
COPD May Strike Women Harder Than Men
Aspirin, Anti-Clotting Meds Safe After Bleeding Stroke: Study
Kids of Opioid-Using Parents May Be More Likely to Attempt Suicide
Women With Sleep Apnea May Have Higher Cancer Odds Than Men
Take a New View of Aging
Healthy Food May Boost Mood
'Watchful Waiting' Less Likely for Black Prostate Cancer Patients
Health Highlights: May 22, 2019
Health Tip: Effects of Too Much Protein
Health Tip: Living With Leg Swelling
Where's the Best Place for Your Child's Sports Physical Exam?
Q Fever? A Bigger Threat to Humans Than Thought
Cholesterol Levels Improving Among U.S. Kids
Are DIY Sunscreens Dangerous?
Your DNA Might Determine Whether You're a Dog Lover
Older Dads' Sperm Isn't What It Used to Be
Cleaner Air Linked to Lower Asthma Rates in Kids
Diet for Blood Pressure May Also Reduce Heart Failure Risk
For Many With Mild Asthma, Popular Rx May Not Work: Study
AHA News: Potentially Fatal Buildup of Proteins in the Heart Often Goes Undiagnosed
Could CBD Treat Opioid Addiction?
Earlier Bedtimes Help Kids Fight Obesity
Melons Are Powerhouses in Taste, Nutrition
Health Highlights: May 21, 2019
Health Tip: Escaping Rip Currents
Health Tip: Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship
Mustaches Are More Than Just Manly, They Guard Against Sun's Rays
Vaping Habit Might Make You More Prone to Flu
Nearly Half of Juul Twitter Followers Are Teens, Young Adults: Study
Putting Your Child to Sleep in a Car Seat Can Be Deadly
Crash Risk Much Higher for Teen Drivers With ADHD
Why So Many Older Women Develop UTIs
Complete Tumor Removal in Dogs Cuts Risk of Cancer's Return: Study
TV Not a Good Sleep Aid for Young Kids
1 in 5 Kids Don't Strap on Helmets Before Biking
AHA News: Stress From Work, Home Can Harm Women's Hearts
Heavy Teen Boys May Face Higher Heart Disease Risk as Adults
The Top 5 Veggies to Add to Your Diet
The Best Exercises for Brain Health
Health Highlights: May 20, 2019
Health Tip: Safely Storing Guns
Health Tip: Bed Bug Protection
Breastfeeding Brings a Heart Bonus for Mom
Swallowed Batteries Should Be Removed to Avoid Stomach Damage: Study
Love the Smell of a Cup o' Joe? Here's What That Reveals About You
Sugary Drinks and Fruit Juice May Increase Risk of Early Death
Suicides Increase Among U.S. Kids, But More in Girls Than Boys
When E-Cig Makers Offer Promotional Items, More Teens Likely to Vape
Could Hypnotherapy Be Alternative to Opioids for Pain?
Colon Cancer Increasingly Striking the Young Worldwide
AHA News: Drummer's Death Inspires Grief-Stricken Bandmates to Rethink Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle
Many Elite Athletes Ashamed to Seek Help for Mental Illness
What to Do When Your Child Throws a Fit
Essentials for Growing Tasty Herbs on Your Windowsill
For Women With HIV, Daily Life Can Impede Fight Against Virus
Health Highlights: May 17, 2019
Health Tip: Physical Milestones at Age One
Health Tip: Helmet Safety
Heroin ODs Have Started Declining in Some States
Weight-Loss Surgery May Work Even Better During Teen Years
Are Diets High in Processed Foods a Recipe for Obesity?
Less Pain, More Car Crashes: Legalized Marijuana a Mixed Bag
Pool Chemicals Harm Thousands Every Summer
Red Cross Needs Type O Blood to Ease Shortage
AHA News: At 38, Father of Five Survived 3 Strokes
Lupus Takes Bigger Toll on Longevity for Blacks
Former President Jimmy Carter Leaves Hospital After Surgery for Broken Hip
AHA News: Study Finds Higher Risk of Stroke-Linked Plaque in Men, Possible Test for Women
Bedbugs Date Back to T. Rex's Time
Sudoku, Crosswords Could Make Your Brain Years Younger
Scientists Spot Unexpected Player in Fibromyalgia
Low Birth Weight Babies a Worldwide Problem
The Top 5 Fruits to Add to Your Diet
How to Exercise on 'Rest and Recovery' Days
Health Highlights: May 16, 2019
Health Tip: Preventing Ringworm
Health Tip: Signs of Binge Drinking
Low-Fat Diet Could Be a Weapon Against Breast Cancer
Huhn? Scientists Working on Hearing Aid That Solves the 'Cocktail Party' Problem
Lyme Disease Now a Threat in City Parks
Millennials Believe 'Narcissist' Label, But Don't Like It
Anthrax Is a Risk on Every Continent
Curbing a Skin Oil Might Help Curb Acne, Study Suggests
Suspect Your Child Has an Ear Infection? There May Soon Be an App for That
Anxiety Meds Like Valium, Xanax Could Raise Miscarriage Risk
More Back-to-Back Heat Waves Will Come With Climate Change
Drier Winter Air May Propel Flu's Spread
AHA News: More Clues to the Genetics Behind an Inherited Cholesterol Disorder
Trans Women Have Raised Odds of Breast Cancer, But Risk Still Small: Study
Quieter NICUs a Good Rx for Premature Babies
Thriving in a Multi-Generational Home
The Handy Tool for Healthy Chips
Health Highlights: May 15, 2019
Health Tip: Taking Care of Your Voice
Health Tip: Treating a Charley Horse
Glucosamine Joint Pain Supplement Could Help the Heart
Parents, Here's How to Protect Your Child During Measles Outbreaks
Post-Hospital Low Blood Sugar a Danger to Diabetics
Brain Bleed Risk Puts Safety of Low-Dose Aspirin in Doubt
Philadelphia's Soda Tax Tied to Big Drop in Sales
Routine Use of Antibiotics May Help After Complicated Vaginal Birth: Study
AHA News: Why Are Women With Diabetes at Greater Risk for Poor Heart Health?
AHA News: Dangerous Blood Clots May Be the Latest Risk From 'Bad' Cholesterol
Not All Sugars Are Created Equal
More Than 600,000 Opioid Abusers Raising Kids in U.S.
Young, and Learning Too Late That Sun Safety Matters
Quantity, Not Type of Opioid Matters for Post-Op Dependency
Are You Running Short on Iron?
Brighten Your Breakfast With a Lighter Blueberry Muffin
Health Highlights: May 14, 2019
Health Tip: If You're Lost Outdoors
Health Tip: Walking Alone at Night
1 in 4 American Workers Struggles With Back Pain
CBD -- It's Everywhere, But Does It Work?
Scientists Spot Chemical Signs of Suicidal Thoughts in Brains of Those With PTSD
Looking to Whales for Insight on Human Cancers
Is That Prostate Cancer Worth Treating? Chromosomes May Tell
2 of 3 Parents Read Texts While Driving
Heart Attack Rehab at Home Could Save Lives
Injured Lungs Can Be Regenerated for Transplant: Study
Political Controversies Could Fuel Bullying of LGBT Youth: Study
AHA News: This May Be Why Slashing Salt Lowers Blood Pressure
Body Adapts, Recovers From Occasional 'Pigging Out,' Study Finds
How to Cook With Luscious Lentils
Weight-Free Strength Training
Former President Jimmy Carter Breaks Hip, Has Surgery
Health Highlights: May 13, 2019
Health Tip: Wellness for Older Adults
Health Tip: Contact Lens Safety
Keeping Your Summer Fun on Sound Footing
Celebrating With a Bonfire? An Expert's Guide to Keeping The Fun Safe
Do Doctors Give Better Care in the Morning?
Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Show Up Long Before Diagnosis
Stay Safe While Spring Cleaning
Many Drug Abusers Use Family Members to 'Opioid Shop'
More Active Lupus Linked to Childhood Events
Can Medical Marijuana Help Kids With Autism?
'Robopets' Bring Companionship, Calm to Nursing Home Residents
Cover Up! Don't Soak Up Those Sun Rays
How Much Protein Do You Need for Weight Loss and Muscle Growth?
Homemade Mayonnaise Made Easy
Health Highlights: May 10, 2019
Health Tip: Benefits of Fitness Boxing
Health Tip: Insect Repellent Precautions
Is the County You Call Home a Potential Measles Hotspot?
Hepatitis A Infections Soaring: CDC
Psoriasis, Mental Ills Can Go Hand in Hand
Summer Is Tough for Asthma Sufferers
Potentially Blinding Shingles of the Eye on the Rise
Brief EMS Training Saves Lives After Brain Injury
Does Removing Your Appendix Put You at Risk for Parkinson's?
Take Steps to Prevent a Stroke
'Zap' Ear Clip May Ease A-Fib
Fear of Dentist May Start Early for Minority Kids -- With Good Reason
AHA News: She Asked Google for Story About Coast Guard Stroke Survivor and Found Her Soulmate
Weight-Loss Procedure Works Long-Term, Without Surgery
Anger a Threat to Health in Old Age
Drinking and Your Health: A Reality Check
How to Soothe Baby's Teething Pain Safely
Health Highlights: May 9, 2019
Health Tip: Treating Calluses at Home
Health Tip: Safe Crafting for Kids
Window for Safe Use of Clot-Buster Widens for Stroke Patients
Do Adults Need a Measles Booster Shot?
An Antibiotic Alternative? Using a Virus to Fight Bacteria
After Concussions, Some Ex-Athletes Show Key Marker for Brain Disease: Study
New Treatment Guideline Focuses on Tourette Syndrome
Weight-Loss Surgery Boosts Success of Procedure to Fix A-Fib
Poor, Minorities Shortchanged on Opioid Addiction Treatments
AHA News: Stroke Almost Took Gospel Star's Life -- Then Taught Her About Living
Americans' Prescription Med Use Is Declining
U.S. Improves Emergency Readiness, but Gaps Persist
Airport Scanners OK for People with Implanted Heart Devices: Study
Crunch-Free Work for Well-Defined Abs
STDs: A Serious Health Threat at Every Age
Health Highlights: May 8, 2019
Health Tip: Drink Enough Water
Health Tip: Safe Dog Toys