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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

As More Smoke Pot, Are Their Jobs at Risk?
Mindfulness Might Ease Menopause Symptoms
Many Addiction Centers Lack Anti-Opioid Meds: Study
Body Size May Influence Longevity in Women, But Not Men
IVF Won't Cause Birth Complications: Study
AHA: Too Much of This in the Blood Could Predict Unhealthy Aging
Will Healthy Seniors Benefit From Daily Aspirin?
'Poop Transplants' May Help Ease Painful Colitis
Eating Before Bedtime Won't Send Blood Sugar Levels Soaring
HPV Vaccine Even Helps Women Who Didn't Get It: Study
Blood Test Might Yield Early Warning of Alzheimer's
How to Fight Norovirus, the 'Cruise Ship' Germ
4 Exercises for a Better Back
Health Highlights: Jan. 22, 2019
Health Tip: Diagnosing Alzheimer's Early
Health Tip: Control Your Blood Pressure
Is Air Pollution a Downer?
Many Parents Wrong About What Prevents Colds in Kids
A Prescription for Feeling Young Forever
Diet or Exercise -- or Both?
Health Tip: How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?
Health Tip: Simple CPR
Could Neck-Strengthening Prevent Some Concussions?
Shoes Make the Difference When Starting to Exercise
At Risk for Breast Cancer? Your Race Matters
Big Pharma's Marketing to Docs Helped Trigger Opioid Crisis: Study
Movie Violence Doesn't Make Kids Violent, Study Finds
Virtual Doctor Visits Get High Marks in New Survey
Are You a Risk-Taker? It Might Lie in Your Genes
AHA: Taking Medicine for a Cold? Be Mindful of Your Heart
Disrupted Sleep Plagues Hospital Patients, But New Program Might Help
Frailty a Risk Factor for Dementia
Many Oncologists in the Dark About LGBTQ Health Needs
Study Examines Link Between Type 1 Diabetes, Broken Bones
Ditch Your Leisure To-Do List
Protecting Seniors From Scammers
Health Highlights: Jan. 18, 2019
Health Tip: Prevent Rotavirus
Health Tip: Store Refrigerated Food Safely
Still Too Many Highway Deaths Tied to Speeding
Opioid Use in Pregnancy Tied to Severe Birth Defects
Opioid Prescriptions Almost Twice as Likely for Rural vs. Urban Americans
Experimental Drug Could Be New Option for Type 2 Diabetes
Antibiotics Still Misused in Babies With Viral Lung Infections
Stem Cell Therapy Shows Early Promise Against Macular Degeneration
1 in 4 Antibiotic Prescriptions Isn't Needed: Study
AHA: Are Some Breads Getting a Bad Rap?
More Americans Mixing Opioids With Sedatives
Money Woes May Take Toll on Black Americans' Hearts
When Your Medications Are the News
When to Treat Varicose Veins
First Generic Version of Epilepsy Drug Sabril Approved
Health Highlights: Jan. 17, 2019
Health Tip: Starting a Healthy Weight Loss Plan
Health Tip: Eat Less, Enjoy More
Looming Global Crisis Means People's Diets Must Change: Experts
Gene-Linked Iron Disorder More Common Than Thought: Study
Climate Change Already Hurting Human Health, Review Shows
Keep Moving to Keep Brain Sharp in Old Age
How Getting a Flu Shot Could Save Your Life
Two-Thirds of Poor U.S. Women Can't Afford Menstrual Pads, Tampons: Study
Cancer Diagnosis May Quadruple Suicide Risk
New Leash on Life? Staying Slim Keeps Pooches Happy, Healthy
AHA: Infection as a Baby Led to Heart Valve Surgery for Teen
Heart-Healthy Living Also Wards Off Type 2 Diabetes
Dermatologists Cut Back on Antibiotics But Still Prescribe the Most
Recycling: A Renewed Effort Is Needed
Strike Up the Band for Better Grades
Health Highlights: Jan. 16, 2019
Health Tip: Don't Ignore Changes in Skin Color
Health Tip: Build Stronger Bones
Are Some Opioid Abusers Using Their Pets to Get the Drugs?
Simple Treatments to Banish Winter Blues
Race May Matter for Liver Transplant Success
Stem Cell Transplant May Help Some With Aggressive MS
Vaccine, Screening Can Prevent Cervical Cancer Deaths
AHA: Hookah Smoking Trendy, Despite Evidence of Health Risks
Type 2 Diabetes Before 40 Tied to Mental Illness Hospitalizations
Life in Space May Take Toll on Spinal Muscles
Teen Birth Control Use Up, But Still Too Many Unwanted Pregnancies
Want to Live Longer? Just Sit a Bit Less Each Day
Junk Food Ads Target Minority Kids: Study
3 Conditioning Exercises to Support Your Hips
Bribe Yourself to Diet
Health Highlights: Jan. 15, 2019
Health Tip: Understanding a Heart Murmur
Health Tip: Getting Rid of a Mold Problem
More Evidence Pot May Damage the Teen Brain
Nature or Nurture? Twins Study Helps Sort Out Genes' Role in Disease
Calling All Blood Donors …
Social Support Key to Good Mental Health After Stroke: Study
Why Your Heart Needs a Good Night's Sleep
1-800-662-HELP: Too Few Opioid Users Aware of Lifesaving Helpline
Opioids Now More Deadly for Americans Than Traffic Accidents
Parents Often Unaware of Kids' Suicidal Thoughts
Many Teens, Young Adults Don't Get Private Time With Doctors
AHA: Why Do IVF Pregnancies With Frozen Embryos Raise Preeclampsia Risk?
Gay Dads and Their Kids Still Face Social Shaming
Happiness High in States With Lots of Parks, Libraries
Baby Steps Head Off a Fussy Eater
Vaccines: Not Just for Kids
Health Highlights: Jan. 14, 2019
Health Tip: Improve Your Emotional Wellness
Health Tip: Managing Your Family's Digital Life
Play It Safe With Winter Sports
Exercise Caution to Protect Your Skin at the Gym
U.S. Flu Cases Hit 7 Million Mark: CDC
Here's How the Government Shutdown Could Affect Your Health
Make Cancer Prevention a Priority in 2019
Look to Your Aunts, Uncles and Parents for Clues to Your Longevity
Broad-Range Ebola Drug Shows Promise in Animal Tests
Are TV Cereal Ads Making Your Kids Fat?
AHA: New Cholesterol Guidelines Put Ethnicity in the Spotlight
Mom-to-Be's Flu Can Harm Her Unborn Baby
Daily Vitamin D Could Be a Lifesaver for Some COPD Patients
Changes to Flu Shot Supply Chain Could Save Lives: Study
A Better Strategy for Quitting Smoking
When Calorie Counts Aren't on the Menu
Health Highlights: Jan. 11, 2019
Health Tip: Reduce Childhood Stress
Health Tip: Nutritional Needs for Your Your Teen
More Proof High-Fiber Diets Help Prevent Cancers, Heart Disease
Fatal Drug ODs Soaring Among Middle-Aged Women: CDC
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients Get Short Shrift in ERs
Millennials' Odds for Depression Rise With Social Media Use
Even a Little Exercise May Help Cancer Patients Live Longer
AI Beats Humans at Detecting Cervical Precancers
Common Heart, Diabetes Meds May Help Ease Mental Illness
Prescription Opioids May Raise Pneumonia Risk
Faulty Sperm May Explain Recurring Miscarriages
AHA: Breastfeeding May Help a Mom's Heart
Many Female Health Care Workers Make Poverty-Level Wages: Study
Foot Stools Move Human Stool Along
Fiber: It's Not Just for Adults
Are You Sabotaging Your Sex Life?
Health Highlights: Jan. 10, 2019
Health Tip: Nurture Your Emotional Health as a Cancer Patient
Health Tip: Prevent Travelers' Diarrhea
Many Medical Marijuana Patients Drive While High
Wider Waistlines, Smaller Brains?
At Risk for an Opioid OD? There's an App for That
Drug May Delay MS Disability for Some
Cancer Patients May Face Greater Risk of Shingles
See Who's More Likely to Share Fake News
Sleep Patterns May Offer Clues to Alzheimer's
Animal Study Suggests Ritalin Won't Harm the Heart
AHA: Blood Pressure May Explain Higher Dementia Risk in Blacks
Getting Flu Shot During Hospital Stay Is a Safe Bet
Are Workers Who Sing Together Happier Employees?
Take a Stand Against Too Much Sitting at Work
Ways to Eat Well Without Breaking the Bank
Health Highlights: Jan. 9, 2019
Health Tip: Foster Healthy Hair Habits for Kids
Health Tip: Understanding Ingrown Hairs
Friends' Vaping Could Pose Danger to Kids With Asthma
U.S. Cancer Deaths Continue to Decline
Hearing Aid Upkeep Often Out of Reach for the Poor
What Makes for a Good Nursing Home?
Teens Who Hurt Themselves More Likely to Hurt Others
As Medical Marketing Soars, Is Regulation Needed?
Skeletons Mature Earlier Now, Affecting Orthopedic Treatments
Space Travel Won't Turn Germs Into Superbugs
AHA: Cardiac Arrest Survivor Reunites With Bystanders Who Saved Him
Even Older Drugs Are Getting Steep Price Hikes, Study Finds
Too Few Women Are Getting Cervical Cancer Screening
Thyroid Surgery Complications Can Land Some Back in the Hospital
Creating a Home Gym on the Cheap
A Better Way to Look at Food
Health Highlights: Jan. 8, 2019
Health Tip: When a Child's Adenoids Act Up
Health Tip: Don't Let Travel Inhibit Exercise