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Friday, April 20, 2018

Addictive Opioids Still Overprescribed After Surgery: Study
Could a Tattoo Someday Spot Your Cancer?
Drinking May Worsen Hearing Loss at Loud Concerts
Doctor Who Gave Name to Asperger's Syndrome Worked With Nazis: Report
Healthy Diet, Healthy Eyes
Even Flies Enjoy Ejaculation: Study
Gene Change May Have Helped Indonesia's Deep-Sea Divers
As Younger Men's Smoking Rises, So Does Their Stroke Risk
His and Her Knee Injuries Occur the Same Way
You and Your Pooch May Have Similar Tummy Bacteria
Meditation: Different Approaches, Different Benefits
Health Highlights: April 19, 2018
Health Tip: Healthy Teeth May Signal Healthy Heart
Health Tip: Living With Cardiomyopathy
More Cases in E. Coli Outbreak Tied to Romaine Lettuce
Gene Therapy May Be Cure for Some With Rare Blood Disorder
What's the Best Way to Track Your Blood Pressure?
Just One Concussion Could Raise Parkinson's Risk
Does Pot Really Dull a Teen's Brain?
'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Paralyzed by Spinal Infection
Many Teens Don't Know Juul Contains Addictive Nicotine
Americans Toss Out Tons of Fruits and Veggies
AHA: Hypertension Plus Prediabetes a Dangerous Duo for the Heart
Marriage Means 'I Do' for Skin Cancer Detection
More Than 40% of Americans Breathe Dirty Air: Report
Could Banned Chemicals Be Lurking in Your Kitchen?
Add Muscle Weakness as Another Cost of Type 1 Diabetes
Gene Twist Can Make Your Blood Pressure Spike From Salt
Turn Chores Into a Fitness Routine
Health Highlights: April 18, 2018
Health Tip: Relieve Your Blister, Corn or Callus
Health Tip: Recognize Early Signs of Autism
New Therapy May Prevent Tough-to-Treat Migraines
Ketamine Nasal Spray Shows Promise Against Depression, Suicide
Some Blood Pressure Meds Tied to Pancreatic Cancer Risk in Women
The Poop on House Mice: They Carry 'Superbugs'
Skin Sensor Might Someday Track Alcoholics' Booze Intake
Exercise In, Vitamin D Out for Preventing Falls: U.S. Panel
Organs From Opioid OD Victims Are Saving Lives: Study
States Should Help Struggling Teen Moms, Poll Finds
AHA: Fire Fighters Save One of Their Own After Heart Attack
Go Nuts for Heart Health
Can Mom-to Be's' Weight Affect Daughters' Risk for Early Puberty?
'Flexitarian' Eating: Part Vegetarian, Part Not
Health Highlights: April 17, 2018
Health Tip: Understanding Allergy Blood Testing
Health Tip: If You're Pregnant and Have Diabetes
Overcoming Fear of Back Pain May Spur Recovery
Too Much Sitting Could Raise Brain Risks
Coffee Safe for Many With Abnormal Heart Rhythms: Review
Safety Info for Opioids Found Lacking
AHA: A Call for Deeper Understanding of AFib
U.S. Women Less Likely Than Men to Get Statins After Heart Attack
Can 'Mono' Virus Up Odds for 7 Other Diseases?
New Drugs May Be Big Advance in Lung Cancer Care
Love Your Hair Color? You Have Over 100 Genes to Thank.
Transgender Kids Face High Risk of Mental Health Woes
Drug Keytruda May Help Block Melanoma's Return
Smoking Puts Blacks at Higher Risk for Heart Failure
Foodborne Illnesses Can Mean Financial Ruin for Restaurants
How to Keep Anger From Getting the Better of You
Health Highlights: April 16, 2018
Health Tip: Understanding Dermal Fillers
Health Tip: When to Wash Your Hands
A College Student's Guide to Avoiding Burnout
Company Recalls More Than 200 Million Eggs Due to Salmonella Scare
Telltale Clues That Your Child Is Depressed
Arizona Romaine Lettuce Tied to Nationwide E. Coli Outbreak: CDC
Fish Oil Supplements Fail to Ease Dry Eye, Study Shows
Busting Myths Surrounding Cancer and Genetic Testing
Another Study Finds Later School Bell Brings Sleep Bonus for Teens
FDA Cracks Down on Caffeine-Loaded Supplements
'Let It Go' May Be Good Advice for Health
AHA: Rx for Sedentary Kids -- Friends and the Great Outdoors
Fewer U.S. Kids Are Getting Cavities
Preschool, Day Care Not Asthma Triggers: Study
Toxins in E-Cigarettes May Vary by Flavor
Yoga Can Soothe Anxious Grade Schoolers
What You Need to Know About Fever in Adults
Health Highlights: April 13, 2018
Health Tip: Prevent Poisoning at Home
Health Tip: Using Glaucoma Eye Drops
Spring Sneezin' Season Has Sprung
Doctors Curbing First-Time Prescriptions for Opioids
Tough Times Can Leave Their Mark on the Older Brain
Philly's Soda Tax Is Working, Study Finds
The Traits That Hike High School Dropout Risk
Is Your Waiter Stoned? Study Finds Pot Use Highest Among Restaurant Workers
Who Lives Longer -- Night Owls or Early Birds?
AHA: Florida Lifeguards Helped Save Man's Life After Cardiac Arrest
Want to Help Beat Colon Cancer? Live Healthy
FDA Approves AI Device to Spot Diabetic Eye Disease
Control Blood Pressure to Keep Dementia at Bay: Study
Cigarette Tax Hike Could Ease Poverty for Millions Worldwide: Study
The Bad Habits That Lead to Weight Gain
Health Highlights: April 12, 2018
Health Tip: Signs of Abuse at an Eldercare Facility
Health Tip: Women Have Unique Nutrition Needs
Even When You Think You're Not Sleepy, Your Car Crash Risk Rises
Zika May Linger in Semen for Shorter Period Than Thought: Study
Could Earlier Menopause Mean Poorer Memory in Senior Years?
U.S. Heart Disease Rates Falling, But Gains Vary by State
Cataract Surgery on Ebola Survivors Safe for Docs
Another Wildfire Danger: Heart Attacks
As Menopause Symptoms Get Worse, Heart May Pay a Price
Peanut Allergy Vaccine Works -- in Mice
AHA: Four-Legged Friends Can Have Heart Issues, Too
Brain Injuries Linked With Dementia Risk
Did 2016 Election Unleash OCD in the USA?
Got Osteoarthritis? Get Moving
Health Highlights: April 11, 2018
Heath Tip; How to Introduce Your Child to Peanuts
Health Tip: Improve Aging Skin
Tiny Juul Device Getting U.S. Teens Hooked on Vaping
Study Highlights Vast Health Differences Between States
Many Parents Unsure of Talking About Sex With LGBT Kids
Even Toddlers Endangered by Opioids, Other Addictive Drugs
Common Gynecologic Condition Linked to Mental Health Issues
Video Games May Be OK for Toddlers -- If Mom or Dad Join In
Eyebrow-Raising Finding on How Human Communication Evolved
Sugar-Craving Gene Helps Lower Body Fat, But Has Downside
The Focus Shifts in Alzheimer's Research
Who Do City Mosquitoes Bite Most?
Human Cancer Meds Might Help Save Tasmanian Devils
Help for When You're Wide-Eyed at 3 a.m.
FDA Approves Contact Lenses That Shade the Sun
First Auto-Darken Contact Lenses Approved
Health Highlights: April 10, 2018
Health Tip: Practice Window Safety
Health Tip: Speak With Your Doctor if You Aren't Sleeping Well
Mom's Marijuana Winds Up in Breast Milk
One Man Got a Nasty Surprise From World's Hottest Chili Pepper
FDA Puts New Restrictions on Contraceptive Implant Essure
Common Antidepressants in Pregnancy May Alter Fetal Brain Development
Expert Tips for Taming Oily Skin
Sleepless Nights Show Ties To Alzheimer's Risk
Diet, Exercise Can Ease Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment
Reading to Your Kids Might Boost Their Social Skills
Exercise Cuts Heart Risks, Regardless of Your Genes
AHA: Asthma as Kid, Stiffer Arteries as an Adult?
Belly Fat Tied to Lower Kidney Cancer Survival Odds in Women
COPD Patients May Breathe Easier With Tai Chi
What Your Kids Want to Tell You About Social Media
Health Highlights: April 9, 2018
Health Tip: Considering Breast Implants?
Health Tip: Help Prevent Colorectal Cancer
Safeguard the Arms of Young Pitchers
Looking for Online Advice on Your Heart Device? Beware
Exercise for High Blood Pressure? Most Not Keen on Idea
Kratom-Linked Salmonella Outbreak Widens: CDC
Dance Club Scene Rife With Opioid Abuse
Heart Disease Carries Huge Cost for Some Families
Why Americans' Life Expectancy Is Getting Longer
AHA: Summer Sun Might Bring Fewer Heart Attacks, Study Finds
New Hope Against Disease That Brings a Colorless World
Kids in Tough Neighborhoods Head to ER More Often
COPD Is an Adult Killer, But Its Origins May Lie in Childhood
Will a Narcissist Steal Your Sweetheart Just for Kicks?
Sometimes, Headaches Can Be an Emergency. Here's When.
Health Highlights: April 6, 2018
Health Tip: Understanding Electrolytes
Health Tip: Preparing for a Blood Test
Older Brains Replenish Cells Just Like Young Brains: Study
Addicts Should Be Trained to Give OD Antidote, Study Finds
Loopholes May Lead Young Facebook Users to Tobacco Products
Why More People Don't Walk or Bike to Work
AHA: Can Statins Help Prevent Brain Aneurysms From Rupturing?
Losing Excess Weight in Childhood Cuts Diabetes Risk
'Magnetic Pulse' Device May Be New Way to Prevent Migraines
Major Project Completes Genetic 'Map' of 33 Cancers
Seeking Cheaper Plastic Surgery Abroad? Buyer Beware
Stretching Can Help Get Seniors Moving
Smokers' Diets Let Them Down, Too
Poor College Grades? Maybe Your Class Schedule Is to Blame
Here's How to Pack Protein Into Your Diet
Health Highlights: April 5, 2018
Health Tip: When to See a Doctor for Cradle Cap
Health Tip: Coping With Polluted Water