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Monday, March 25, 2019

Sperm DNA Damage May Lead to Repeat Miscarriages: Study
Smoking Around Expectant Moms Can Harm Babies' Hearts
Want to Stay Trim? Don't Eat in the Evening, Study Finds
Fewer Excess Pounds May Mean Fewer Migraines
Science Finds a Way for Transgender Males to Maintain Fertility
Affordable Care Act Brought Big Benefits to Women: Study
Extra Calcium Safe for the Aging Eye
Managing MS
Could the U.S. Mail Deliver Better Colon Cancer Screening Rates?
Is There a Safer Choice Than Opioids After a C-Section?
Gun Deaths Up Sharply Among America's Schoolkids
AHA News: Is the New 'Fasting' Diet Trend Healthy?
Easy Eggs for a Nutritious Breakfast
How to Raise Global Citizens of Tomorrow
Health Highlights: March 22, 2019
Health Tip: Reduce Risk of Tattoo Infection
Health Tip: Hearing Loss Prevention
Tighter Gun Laws = Safer Schools
What Drives 'Anti-Vaxxer' Parents? It's a Mixed Bag, Study Shows
Baby Monkey May Offer Hope to Preserving Fertility of Kids With Cancer
Pesticides Tied to Autism Risk in Kids
How to Help Your Kids Achieve a Healthy Weight
Overdose Deaths From Fentanyl Soaring: Report
Drug Combo Does Double Duty Against Common Skin Lesions, Cancers
Three Clues to Raised Risk of Miscarriage
Strengthening Family Ties Through Online Gaming
AHA News: Culture, Paycheck, Neighborhood Key to Your Heart's Health
Stretches to Strengthen Your Core
Attention, Seniors: Drink More Water and Head Off Disease
New Heart Failure Device Is Approved
Health Highlights: March 21, 2019
Health Tip: Reading Food Labels for Diabetics
Health Tip: Signs of Learning Disabilities
Risk of Psychosis Varies With ADHD Meds, But Still Small: Study
Extra Pounds in Childhood May Mean Higher MS Risk in Adulthood
Many With Opioid Addiction Don't Get Meds That Can Help
FDA Approves First Drug for Postpartum Depression
Walk, Dance, Clean: Even a Little Activity Helps You Live Longer
Is Medical Pot a Blessing for Seniors?
Eye-Soothing Tips for Computer Users
Why Men Won't Mention Suicidal Thoughts to Their Doctor
Tighter Blood Pressure Control May Prevent Brain Lesions
AHA News: Family Adopts Three Children With Three Different Heart Conditions
Reworked Nasal Flu Vaccine Looks Good for Kids, Pediatricians' Group Says
How to Spice Up Your Spring Salad
Be Prepared to Take FAST Action If You Suspect a Stroke
Heart Risks Vary Among Asian-Americans
Health Highlights: March 20, 2019
Health Tip: Diet Myths and Facts
Health Tip: Six Steps to a Healthier Life
Can High-Potency Pot Make You Crazy?
Can Some Children Outgrow Autism?
Hormonal Therapy for Prostate Cancer Might Raise Depression Risk
The Moose: A Rare But Often Deadly Road Hazard
A Better Cardiac Pump for People With Heart Failure?
Stopping Aspirin 3 Months After Stent Is Safe, Study Finds
World's Oldest Stored Semen Successfully Used to Breed Sheep
AHA News: Emphysema May Raise Risk of Ruptured Aneurysms
Cost Puts Sports, Art Programs Out of Reach for Many Families
Nix That TV in Your 4-Year-Old's Bedroom
Harvesting Sperm Before Ejaculation May Help Infertile Men
Drinks to Help You Kick Your Soda Habit
The Benefits of a Home Rowing Machine
Tecentriq Approved for Small Cell Lung Cancer
Health Highlights: March 19, 2019
Health Tip: Short-term Effects of Marijuana
Health Tip: Treating Acne Scars
What Works Best for Women Struggling With a Leaky Bladder?
More U.S. Teens, Kids Seeking Mental Health Care in ERs
Could Male Twin's Fetal Testosterone Bring Lasting Harm to His Sister?
CDC Cites Urgent Need to Expand HIV Testing, Treatment
New Facial Bone Might Someday Be Grown From the Patient's Rib
Your Apple Watch Might Help Spot a Dangerous Irregular Heartbeat
Stay Away From Sugary Sodas, Spare Your Heart
Docs Back Away From Low-Dose Aspirin for Heart Attack Prevention
Prescription Fish Oil Pill Lowers Heart Attack Risk in Those Already on Statins
Exposing Baby to Foods Early May Help Prevent Allergies
Hate Those Stressful Office Parties? Just Fake It, Study Suggests
Healthy Cooking on a Budget
Knives: Essential Equipment for Healthy Food Prep
Health Highlights: March 18, 2019
Health Tip: Parenting Adopted Teens
Health Tip: Treating Rashes
'Antibiotic Envelopes' Could Cut Infections After Pacemaker Implant
Despite Big Heart Benefits, Far Too Many Skip Statins
Should You Get Pills or Surgery for A-Fib?
Heart-Breaking News for Egg Lovers
Heart Attacks Fall By One-Third Among Older Americans
Funding Gap Leaves Women Scientists at a Lifelong Disadvantage: Study
Human Ancestors' Diet Led You to Pronounce Your F's and V's
AHA News: Overweight Kids at Higher Risk for Blood Clots as Adults
Even Housework, Gardening Can Help an Older Woman's Heart
Heart Care Guidelines Rarely Backed by Top-Notch Science
Burden of Autism in Teens Weighs Heaviest on Minorities, Poor
How to Protect Your Kids From Drowning
How to Keep Your Kids Safe From Cyberbullying
Are Enhanced Waters Better for Your Health?
Health Highlights: March 15, 2019
Health Tip: Reducing Risk of Salmonella
Health Tip: Eat Healthier at Work
Mental Health Woes Are Rising in Young Americans -- Is Social Media to Blame?
Fewer Boys Are Suffering Head Injuries, But Rate Rises for Girls
New Drug Could Help Those With Tough-to-Treat Cholesterol
Half-Dose of Mountain Sickness Med Works as Well as Full Dose
Ebola Survivors Continue to Suffer Years After Recovery
Genomics Could Improve Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
Early-Onset Menstruation Linked to Later High Blood Pressure Risk
AHA News: Black Woman in Their 50s Face Especially High Stroke Risk
AHA News: Two Young Moms Bond Over Heart Failure, Transplant Experiences
Rate of U.S. Deaths Tied to Dementia Has More Than Doubled
Blood Test to Diagnose Heart Attacks May Not Be Foolproof
Spread of Democracy Is Good for World's Health: Study
Spring Ahead With Spring Vegetables
For an Energizing Workout, Take It Outside
Health Highlights: March 14, 2019
Health Tip: Treating Head Lice Safely
Health Tip: Risks of Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy
Opioid Rxs Decreasing, But Not for All Doctors
Even Distant Relatives' History Could Up Your Alzheimer's Risk
New FDA Rules Aim to Keep Kids From Flavored E-Cigarettes
Flavored E-Cigarettes Hold Greatest Appeal for Youth
Are 'Inactive' Ingredients in Your Drugs Really So Harmless?
Scientists Spot Clues to Predicting Breast Cancer's Return
After Chinese Infant Gene-Editing Scandal, U.S. Health Officials Join Call for a Ban
FDA OKs Blood Pressure Drug to Ease Shortage Due to Recalls
Claire's Recalls 3 Cosmetic Products Due to Possible Asbestos Contamination
Keep E-Cigs Away From Youth to Win War Against Tobacco
AI Takes Aim at Lung Cancer Screening
Newborn Heart Problems Surged After Fukushima Nuke Disaster: Study
When Can Kids Return to Play After a Concussion?
The Saturated Fat Debate Rages On
Health Highlights: March 13, 2019
Health Tip: Cold Sores 101
Health Tip: Snake Bite First-Aid
Need to Be Vaccinated? Try Your Local Pharmacy
Why Watch Sports? Fans Get a Self-Esteem Boost, Study Finds
Are Some Birth Control Methods Doomed to Fail?
Common Household Chemicals Harm Sperm in Both Men and Dogs
ADHD Meds Safe With Epilepsy, Study Finds
Dementia May Strike Differently, Depending on Race
Healthy Diet Might Not Lower Dementia Risk
One-Third of U.S. Kids Have Back Pain, Study Says
Many Heroin Users Unprepared for Fentanyl OD
AHA News: Young Mom Thought It Was a Heart Attack -- Until She Couldn't Touch Her Nose
Bystanders Key to Cutting Cardiac Arrest Deaths
Tone Up Your Triceps With These Top Strength Exercises
Does Your Family Eat Out a Lot? Watch Your Blood Pressure
Health Highlights: March 12, 2019
Health Tip: Managing Insomnia
Health Tip: HPV Vaccine
1 in 3 Young Adults Suffers From Loneliness in U.S.
Vets Who Get Opioids From VA, Medicare at Higher Overdose Risk
Chickens Help Scientists Pinpoint Origin of Rare, Deadly Virus
Smoking While Pregnant Sends SIDS Risk Soaring
Blacks, Hispanics Bear Burden of Air Pollution: Study
Breast Implants Top List of Plastic Surgeries
Which Type of Exercise Might Lower Your Diabetes Risk?
Many Parents Think Vaping Around Kids Is Fine
Nutritional Supplements Don't Ward Off Depression: Study
Agent Orange's Toxic Legacy in Vietnam
Poor Asthma Control Tied to Worse School Performance
Slow Down! Eating Too Fast Can Pile on the Pounds
Stretches for Calves, Hamstrings and Quads
Health Highlights: March 11, 2019
Health Tip: Concussion Recovery for Children
Health Tip: Thumb Sprains
Control Your Blood Pressure to Head Off Serious Health Problems